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VIDEO: A Taste of Japan - LGBT Travel
August 23, 2017
Vinny and Bernard take on Japan, one crazy adventure at a time. **Edit - No, Bernard is not my new "bae" - He's a good friend that I've known middle school. He's positively straight, and has a girlfriend. Ya'll relax lol. ��??
| Japan VIDEOS | #GayJapan | @ILoveGayJapan |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

VIDEO: Things Gays Do on Vacation
July 26, 2017
We put together a little video of what gay guys do on vacation! hope you enjoy and comment below other skit ideas! happy monastero monday everyone!
| Toronto, ON VIDEOS | #GayToronto | @ILoveGayToronto |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

VIDEO: Norwegian Cruise Vlog #1 - Leaving NYC!! (Young Gay Couple)
July 14, 2017
This vlog video shows our first two days aboard the Norwegian Gem; this is a 7 day caribbean cruise... well technically 8 days! We take the LIRR to NY
| New York City, NY VIDEOS | #GayNYC | @ILoveGayNYC |
| Cruise VIDEOS | #GayCruise | @ILoveGayCruises |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

LGBT tourism on P.E.I. highlighted in new videos
April 10, 2017
A new series of videos is promoting P.E.I. as a safe, welcoming place for LGBT travelers to visit.
| Prince Edward Island, Canada VIDEOS | #GayCanada | @ILoveGayHalifax |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

Video: Visiting the Gay-Friendly Island of Gran Canaria in Spain
February 06, 2017
Check out our latest video visiting the gay-friendly island of Gran Canaria. Here are some of our favorite activities plus great reasons to visit year-round.  -   View More Article Entries   |   View Business Listing

| Madrid, Spain VIDEOS | #GayMadrid | @ILoveGayMadrid |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

Travel Vlogger Ravi Roth Parties in Cape Town, Ends Up Naked with the Locals (Video)
February 03, 2017
Watch as he hikes to the top of Lion's Head, bikes (and drinks) through a local vineyard, hits up the nightlife scene and ends up on Cape Town's nude beach
| South Africa VIDEOS | #GaySouthAfrica | @ILoveGaySA |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

Video: Top Five Gay Travel Tips in Taiwan
November 14, 2016
Thank you to thw Taiwan Tourist Burea for sponsoring my travels! Vlog Channel: Top 5 Suggestions: Taipei 101 Observatory Din Tai Fun
| Taiwan VIDEOS | #GayTaiwan | @ILoveGayTaiwan |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

Living Our Best Life: NYC Virgin Vlog Featuring BennyPTweets
October 24, 2016
Explore NYC with Kyle Krieger
| New York City, NY VIDEOS | #GayNYC | @ILoveGayNYC |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

Pepe & Charly viajan a SAN FRANCISCO
October 22, 2016
Hola bebés en esta ocasión Pepe y Charly se fueron de viaje y quisieron mostrarles un poco de sus aventuras! Esperamos les guste este video en el que fuimos a Castro, al Golden Gate y al Folsom Street Fair (entre otros lugares).
| San Francisco, CA VIDEOS | #GaySF | @ILoveGaySF |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

VIDEO: Gay Italian Boys
October 21, 2016
Gay boyfriends travel to Italy, exploring Milano, Varenna, Morbegno, and the mountains in between. Hope you're hungry for fresh pasta!
| Rome, Italy VIDEOS | #GayRome | @ILoveGayItaly |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

Moovz in the City | Paris
September 19, 2016
Paris is the city of love! Is that so? Checkout our gay travel city guide aka Moovz In The City Host: Sylvain Poisson Film and Edited: Dekel Lazimi Lev
| Paris, France VIDEOS | #GayParis | @ILoveGayFrance |
| Movies & Film VIDEOS | #GayFilm | @ILoveGayMovies |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

VIDEO: Boyfriend Adventure - Big Sur
September 19, 2016
Last week we were looking at few camping spots up in Big Sur, we heard from friends that just driving up the Pacific Coast High was worth the trip. We ended up staying three nights, sleeping under the redwoods and sharing good times with our new friends, Wowie and Rita. Felt good being away from everyone and everything, no better way to refresh.
| San Luis Obispo, CA VIDEOS | @ILoveGaySF |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

Davey Wavey Does Provincetown
September 15, 2016
Davey Wavey does Provincetown, featuring Miss Ritchfield
| Provincetown, MA VIDEOS | #GayPTown | @ILoveGayPTown |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

IGLTA Foundation Reception Palm Springs
August 29, 2016
Mayor Rob Moon joined founder Brad Fuhr to welcome attendees.
Gay Desert Guide  -   View More Article Entries   |   View Business Listing

| Palm Springs, CA VIDEOS | #GayPalmSprings | @ILoveGayPS |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |

Amsterdam Vlog | Jason Frazer
August 18, 2016
Went to Amsterdam with Ana, Corey & Donát! Check out my Amsterdam Vlog. If you have been to Amsterdam...tell me your favourite part of your trip. Subscrib
| Amsterdam, Netherlands VIDEOS | #GayAmsterdam | @ILoveGayAMS |
| Travel VIDEOS | #GayTravel | @ILoveLGBTTravel |



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